PODCAST: Updates from the week and the September 27th WCASD School Board Meeting

So many things to share! It has been a busy week and appreciate everyone’s continued encouragement and support… First, thank you to everyone who listened to my last podcast. I hope you enjoy this next installment where I give an update on my son and elaborate on layered mitigations and why universal mask mandates doContinue reading “PODCAST: Updates from the week and the September 27th WCASD School Board Meeting”

*** Meeting Alert: Monday, September 27th, 7pm at Fugett Middle School Auditorium ***

Now that the “back to school” dust has started to settle a lot of people have been asking “when is the next meeting?” So some of our parents have gotten creative and are spreading the word one back windshield at a time! I thought this was so amazing and so simple I decided to joinContinue reading “*** Meeting Alert: Monday, September 27th, 7pm at Fugett Middle School Auditorium ***”

Public Comments DENIED

Typically non-agenda comments are allowed at the end of the session. So far in the past 6 months I have witnessed the committees attempt to skip public comment, allow non-agenda comments, and now refuse to allow public comment. What are the rules exactly? The rule is our feedback is not welcome by the 8 electedContinue reading “Public Comments DENIED”

From America First to Students First…

There are so many things going on right now in the world, and our community, it is hard to know where to start. I debated even doing a post tonight, with so many in our community bailing out from this week’s flooding. It certainly seems like the roller coaster never ends. But the words IContinue reading “From America First to Students First…”

Mom Panel: #TheOverlooked

This week I was invited to join two incredible moms – Isis Spann and Torlecia Bates – to tell our stories of pandemic learning and how we are part of The Movers, The Missed, and The Muted that represent #TheOverlooked. I hope you will take the time to listen to the entire segment, but ifContinue reading “Mom Panel: #TheOverlooked”

NEWS ALERT: Meet #TheOverlooked

Meet #TheOverlooked – 11.3 million “Movers,” “Missed” and “Muted” students who did not have access to the learning options they needed during COVID-19.  https://www.waltonfamilyfoundation.org/learning/meet-the-overlooked New analysis from Bellwether Education Partners and the Walton Family Foundation paints a picture of the experience of 11.3 million students whose preferences and needs went unmet in the 2020-2021 schoolContinue reading “NEWS ALERT: Meet #TheOverlooked”

Welcome Back Students & Teachers!

Summer truly was a blink of the eye and here we go again! Back to school IN PERSON for the start of the 2021-2022 academic year. We saw many other families and teachers this morning, and it was everything to see everyone’s smiling faces happy to be back. I have high hopes for this year…Continue reading “Welcome Back Students & Teachers!”

Universal Mask Mandates

At the heart of debate right now in Chester County, our surrounding counties, and most of the US right now is “how” do we get our kids back in school? And safely? Universal mask mandates are at the center of that debate right now with people at both ends of the spectrum – from NOContinue reading “Universal Mask Mandates”

To All of Our US Veterans…

And their families. Thank you. Today. And every day. Your sacrifices are not unnoticed. As the daughter of a veteran who served in a complicated war, with no success criteria, the events unfolding this week in Afghanistan truly break my heart. I may not know what it means to serve in the military, but IContinue reading “To All of Our US Veterans…”