PODCAST: October 11th and Events Around Town

Almost twenty-four hours has passed since I even recorded this, so before I miss the window of opportunity here it is! Anita and I had such an energizing weekend meeting new constituents and talking to parents, grandparents, and community members about their wishes for our community and our public schools. We had the chance toContinue reading “PODCAST: October 11th and Events Around Town”

PODCAST: October 4th Headlines & Highlights from the Week

I squeezed this one in from the car between dinner and running kids to activities. Because that’s how life is as a mom, wife, and full-time employee. You get it done when and where you can, so here are my reflections from the past week: Make sure to exercise your right to vote on NovemberContinue reading “PODCAST: October 4th Headlines & Highlights from the Week”