Part 2: Equity Question from a Constituent…

As a follow up to Monday’s post “Equity Question from a Constituent” there were some additional questions, and I wanted to share my response to them at the bottom of this blog post. But before we dive in to the Q&A, I would also like to offer the following for your consideration of Mr. Woodson,Continue reading “Part 2: Equity Question from a Constituent…”

Parent rights… Student rights… Community rights… and how my opponents feel about them?

I want to start this post first by saying that when I started my advocacy last summer, it has always been with the inclusion of ALL students and their needs. Focusing on inclusion of options for all students, not the forced submission of those who needed in person education to accept remote learning even whenContinue reading “Parent rights… Student rights… Community rights… and how my opponents feel about them?”

Equity Question from a Constituent…

Earlier this week I received an email from a constituent that I think touches on really important considerations for our community and our upcoming general election for School Director. In the interest of transparency, while I have removed the identity of the constituent, I wanted to share my full and un-edited reply. The focus ofContinue reading “Equity Question from a Constituent…”


Thank you everyone for being patient these past few weeks as we all took time to rest and recharge after a busy primary campaign season. To think this all started at the end of January with declaring my candidacy and then ended with a solid victory on May 18th…it has definitely taken me some timeContinue reading “SCHOOL IS OUT…FOR SUMMER!”


By the incredible show of support this past Tuesday as we hit the polls to make our collective voices heard! And boy oh boy…the voters definitely showed up! It gives me great joy to say that pending a final confirmation (as Chester County experienced some hiccups with the ballot count) it appears that we haveContinue reading “Humbled…”

The blessing of being Seen and Heard…

I’ve talked often during my campaign about the impacts of remote learning on women, and how it has put working mothers behind the equity curve even further than before. One of the greatest gifts during this campaign has been the network of parents I have met through my affiliation with the Keeping Kids in SchoolContinue reading “The blessing of being Seen and Heard…”

Last Call for Questions…

We decided to take advantage of this gorgeous May weather and schedule a last minute meet ‘n greet for tomorrow, Sunday, May 16th…details below! We hope to see you there! Please feel free to come out for the opportunity to meet us in person, ask a concern, or just come to show your support. WeContinue reading “Last Call for Questions…”

Just four more days until we plant the seeds for the next four years!

Last week when I had the chance to hear Mr. Robert Woodson speak, I was incredibly moved by how he spoke of needing to plant the seeds before you try to harvest the crop. This may seem obvious but his point was that in today’s society, too often we are looking only at the harvest…theContinue reading “Just four more days until we plant the seeds for the next four years!”

Teacher Appreciation Week…

Making a post this week in recognition of all the hard work and sacrifice that our teachers make is a no-brainer…and well, I might as well say it, especially when running for School Director. It would be so easy to find a warm, fun, and inviting message of thanks, gratitude and appreciation. I remind myselfContinue reading “Teacher Appreciation Week…”

Untruths and Misinformation

My opponents are sharing information about me that is simply untrue. I took a pledge of positivity for this campaign so I will not lower myself to their level and instead, I will share the truth. I have not sued the West Chester Area School District or any other agency, as a single plaintiff orContinue reading “Untruths and Misinformation”