You’re Invited!

To every general board meeting. To every Committee Meeting. In fact, there is an Education Committee this upcoming Monday, November 8th at 6:30pm at the Spellman Building. Our victory this week (pending final vote certification) is just the start, and I need YOU. I need each and every one of you to stay engaged, keepContinue reading “You’re Invited!”

Before We Cast Our Votes Tomorrow…

I just wanted to take a quick moment to say THANK YOU for all the calls, texts, and emails of support in these final days. For all the calls, text, and email these past nine months. For all the hours volunteered, the teamwork, and partnership that we have enjoyed on this journey. Regardless of theContinue reading “Before We Cast Our Votes Tomorrow…”

Does Politics Belong In Our Public School District?

I say no. Anita Edgarian says no. And Ada Nestor says no. Yet former Superintendent Dr. Scanlon himself used his official capacity as Superintendent to express political beliefs, as a Superintendent, in a communication to his entire administration and the current board of directors. Please read this for yourself and answer the following questions: IsContinue reading “Does Politics Belong In Our Public School District?”

The Home Stretch and a Conversation with Dawn Stensland

Good morning! Last night’s storms have passed and this morning holds lot of energy and excitement as we wind our way down to Tuesday, November 2nd, and head to the polls! I know this may seem like the home stretch, and in terms of campaigns it is, but what happens on Tuesday is just theContinue reading “The Home Stretch and a Conversation with Dawn Stensland”

Sexually Explicit Books Do Not Belong in Our Public Schools

Obviously there is a firestorm of attention on this right now, locally and nationally. Some recent coverage of this week’s events captures what is at the heart of this issue – sexually explicit material, regardless of it’s nature, does not belong in our public schools. Some of my opponents have unofficially issued a “mea culpa”Continue reading “Sexually Explicit Books Do Not Belong in Our Public Schools”

Who Really Hijacked Monday’s Board Meeting?

As I am sure many of you have heard the meeting itself was abruptly stopped during a public comment that included materials presented to the School Board from a book that contained highly graphic and sexually explicit content. The parent had a legitimate concern and instead of hearing him out, they once again cut offContinue reading “Who Really Hijacked Monday’s Board Meeting?”

PODCAST: Community Conversation or Constructed Narrative?

Good Morning! There are officially only 7 more sleeps until the General Election on Tuesday, November 2nd. This morning I answer a question about the district sponsored “Community Conversation” events held in September & October, and ask the district to consider a new format for the next one on January 20th, 2022. Take a listen…andContinue reading “PODCAST: Community Conversation or Constructed Narrative?”

WCASD School Board Meeting TONIGHT at 7pm Fugett Middle School

Tonight is the last School Board Meeting before we head into the General Election next Tuesday, November 2nd and choose new representation for Region 3 of the West Chester Area School District. Below is a copy of tonight’s agenda, which includes updates to Board Policy that were presented at last week’s Property & Finance Committee:Continue reading “WCASD School Board Meeting TONIGHT at 7pm Fugett Middle School”

Parent Rights: PSBA Withdraws from NSBA

There has probably never been an election cycle more full of emotion and energy than this election cycle for School Director, and I say that in reference to the entire country and not just our local race. While many times emotions or politics have run over, and boundaries crossed, the most egregious example of thisContinue reading “Parent Rights: PSBA Withdraws from NSBA”

MEDIA ALERT: Radio Interview with WCHE 1520 AM

This is crunch week – so many events, so many new voters met, so many new experiences shared – and it is energizing! One of the things happening this week is all candidates for WCASD School Director were invited by a local radio show, The Morning Magazine on WCHE 1520 AM, to come and shareContinue reading “MEDIA ALERT: Radio Interview with WCHE 1520 AM”