How it all started a year ago today….

August 3, 2020 ~ My first communication to Dr. Scanlon and the sitting members of the WCASD board regarding the pending vote on the WCASD 2020-2021 reopening plan, originally set for a HYBRID return changed at the last minute by Dr. Scanlon to a recommendation for FULL REMOTE. Below is the letter I sent then,Continue reading “How it all started a year ago today….”


By the incredible show of support this past Tuesday as we hit the polls to make our collective voices heard! And boy oh boy…the voters definitely showed up! It gives me great joy to say that pending a final confirmation (as Chester County experienced some hiccups with the ballot count) it appears that we haveContinue reading “Humbled…”

Happy Mother’s Day

As we near the end of Mother’s Day 2021 I wanted to take a moment to recognize all that my fellow moms have had to endure the past 365 days. Because let’s be honest, there has probably never been a year for moms like this past year. Whether it be the stay-at-home mom or theContinue reading “Happy Mother’s Day”

Teacher Appreciation Week…

Making a post this week in recognition of all the hard work and sacrifice that our teachers make is a no-brainer…and well, I might as well say it, especially when running for School Director. It would be so easy to find a warm, fun, and inviting message of thanks, gratitude and appreciation. I remind myselfContinue reading “Teacher Appreciation Week…”

Untruths and Misinformation

My opponents are sharing information about me that is simply untrue. I took a pledge of positivity for this campaign so I will not lower myself to their level and instead, I will share the truth. I have not sued the West Chester Area School District or any other agency, as a single plaintiff orContinue reading “Untruths and Misinformation”

The children of Chester County…in their own words & their parents…

This is an eleven minute video we compiled last Fall to help illustrate the struggles we were experiencing in our homes. While I make no claim this is the story of every student, this was certainly the story of my owns kids as they are included in the video. The opening scene if my youngest,Continue reading “The children of Chester County…in their own words & their parents…”

WCASD School Board Votes: COVID Safety? Or Self-Preservation?

Over the past year I have heard a lot of reasons for kids to be in school. For kids to not be in school. For School Directors to vote against in person education. For School Directors to vote for in person education. While there are many opinions, there is only one truth. And the truthContinue reading “WCASD School Board Votes: COVID Safety? Or Self-Preservation?”

You must be 18 by or on May 18th to Vote!

Are you a high school student? Do you have a 17 year old student at home? Will you or they be 18 by or on May 18th? If so, then make sure they go register to vote in this May 18th primary! Per PA Title 25 regarding Elections, any resident who turns 18 by orContinue reading “You must be 18 by or on May 18th to Vote!”

Keeping Kids In School…

Nothing has been more hotly debated this year than the “should they” or “shouldn’t they” of sending kids to school for in person instruction. Let me be 100% clear on my position on this…children of all ages should always have an OPTION for in person instruction. As they should also have an OPTION for remoteContinue reading “Keeping Kids In School…”