By the incredible show of support this past Tuesday as we hit the polls to make our collective voices heard! And boy oh boy…the voters definitely showed up! It gives me great joy to say that pending a final confirmation (as Chester County experienced some hiccups with the ballot count) it appears that we haveContinue reading “Humbled…”

Last Call for Questions…

We decided to take advantage of this gorgeous May weather and schedule a last minute meet ‘n greet for tomorrow, Sunday, May 16th…details below! We hope to see you there! Please feel free to come out for the opportunity to meet us in person, ask a concern, or just come to show your support. WeContinue reading “Last Call for Questions…”

Just four more days until we plant the seeds for the next four years!

Last week when I had the chance to hear Mr. Robert Woodson speak, I was incredibly moved by how he spoke of needing to plant the seeds before you try to harvest the crop. This may seem obvious but his point was that in today’s society, too often we are looking only at the harvest…theContinue reading “Just four more days until we plant the seeds for the next four years!”

Happy Mother’s Day

As we near the end of Mother’s Day 2021 I wanted to take a moment to recognize all that my fellow moms have had to endure the past 365 days. Because let’s be honest, there has probably never been a year for moms like this past year. Whether it be the stay-at-home mom or theContinue reading “Happy Mother’s Day”

Hope for the present and the future…

I’ve seen it written many times that my motivation to run is simply based on the experiences of my children during school closures and remote learning.¬†¬†While that was certainly the catalyst for my initial advocacy, it is only one small piece of why I chose to run for School Director. Being more involved, and runningContinue reading “Hope for the present and the future…”

WCASD School Board Votes: COVID Safety? Or Self-Preservation?

Over the past year I have heard a lot of reasons for kids to be in school. For kids to not be in school. For School Directors to vote against in person education. For School Directors to vote for in person education. While there are many opinions, there is only one truth. And the truthContinue reading “WCASD School Board Votes: COVID Safety? Or Self-Preservation?”


As a trained scientist, and engineer, we are taught that opposites attract. Positive electrons attract negative electrons. And that objects of the same polarity will repel. But life experience has also shown me that positivity begets more positivity. When I underwent a prophylactic double mastectomy four years ago I faced it with some fear &Continue reading “Positivity…”