Does Politics Belong In Our Public School District?

I say no. Anita Edgarian says no. And Ada Nestor says no. Yet former Superintendent Dr. Scanlon himself used his official capacity as Superintendent to express political beliefs, as a Superintendent, in a communication to his entire administration and the current board of directors. Please read this for yourself and answer the following questions: IsContinue reading “Does Politics Belong In Our Public School District?”

The Home Stretch and a Conversation with Dawn Stensland

Good morning! Last night’s storms have passed and this morning holds lot of energy and excitement as we wind our way down to Tuesday, November 2nd, and head to the polls! I know this may seem like the home stretch, and in terms of campaigns it is, but what happens on Tuesday is just theContinue reading “The Home Stretch and a Conversation with Dawn Stensland”

What it means to be the parent of medically complex children…

I have shared a lot recently about my youngest son’s communication disability, but my older son also has Sensory Processing Disorder and an autoimmune condition known as PANDAS. Pediatric Autoimmune Neurological Disorder Associated with Streptococcal Infections. Today is national PANDAS awareness day and knowing 1 in 200 children suffer from this condition – a formContinue reading “What it means to be the parent of medically complex children…”

PODCAST: October 4th Headlines & Highlights from the Week

I squeezed this one in from the car between dinner and running kids to activities. Because that’s how life is as a mom, wife, and full-time employee. You get it done when and where you can, so here are my reflections from the past week: Make sure to exercise your right to vote on NovemberContinue reading “PODCAST: October 4th Headlines & Highlights from the Week”

Philadelphia Inquirer: CHOP’s beds are overflowing, but not because of COVID-19

If you read nothing else this week, this month, or this year…. READ THIS! “What we are seeing is definitely unprecedented,” said Ron Keren, CHOP’s chief medical officer. “We didn’t expect how bad it was going to be.” How could this be? Parents – including myself – have been saying this for months. How couldContinue reading “Philadelphia Inquirer: CHOP’s beds are overflowing, but not because of COVID-19”

Pornography or Masks Optional: What is more dangerous for our Elementary Students?

February 2021: Dr. Bob Sokolowski reads the January suppressed public comment of Ms. Shannon Givler, mother of a (then) 4th Grader at Hillsdale Elementary. August 2021: Dr. Bob Sokolowski has yet to address the fact there are out-of-the-box factory standard features from Apple that the district – or any parent – could invoke on anyContinue reading “Pornography or Masks Optional: What is more dangerous for our Elementary Students?”

How it all started a year ago today….

August 3, 2020 ~ My first communication to Dr. Scanlon and the sitting members of the WCASD board regarding the pending vote on the WCASD 2020-2021 reopening plan, originally set for a HYBRID return changed at the last minute by Dr. Scanlon to a recommendation for FULL REMOTE. Below is the letter I sent then,Continue reading “How it all started a year ago today….”

Happy Mother’s Day

As we near the end of Mother’s Day 2021 I wanted to take a moment to recognize all that my fellow moms have had to endure the past 365 days. Because let’s be honest, there has probably never been a year for moms like this past year. Whether it be the stay-at-home mom or theContinue reading “Happy Mother’s Day”

The children of Chester County…in their own words & their parents…

This is an eleven minute video we compiled last Fall to help illustrate the struggles we were experiencing in our homes. While I make no claim this is the story of every student, this was certainly the story of my owns kids as they are included in the video. The opening scene if my youngest,Continue reading “The children of Chester County…in their own words & their parents…”


As a trained scientist, and engineer, we are taught that opposites attract. Positive electrons attract negative electrons. And that objects of the same polarity will repel. But life experience has also shown me that positivity begets more positivity. When I underwent a prophylactic double mastectomy four years ago I faced it with some fear &Continue reading “Positivity…”