Does Politics Belong In Our Public School District?

I say no. Anita Edgarian says no. And Ada Nestor says no. Yet former Superintendent Dr. Scanlon himself used his official capacity as Superintendent to express political beliefs, as a Superintendent, in a communication to his entire administration and the current board of directors. Please read this for yourself and answer the following questions: IsContinue reading “Does Politics Belong In Our Public School District?”

The Home Stretch and a Conversation with Dawn Stensland

Good morning! Last night’s storms have passed and this morning holds lot of energy and excitement as we wind our way down to Tuesday, November 2nd, and head to the polls! I know this may seem like the home stretch, and in terms of campaigns it is, but what happens on Tuesday is just theContinue reading “The Home Stretch and a Conversation with Dawn Stensland”


We waited thirteen months for this opportunity, and it was an incredible night. Many members of our community came out to show support for the importance of public education and it was so much more enriching being able to participate in person rather than just over video. I hope you take the time to watchContinue reading “FIRST PUBLIC MEETING IN A YEAR!”

The children of Chester County…in their own words & their parents…

This is an eleven minute video we compiled last Fall to help illustrate the struggles we were experiencing in our homes. While I make no claim this is the story of every student, this was certainly the story of my owns kids as they are included in the video. The opening scene if my youngest,Continue reading “The children of Chester County…in their own words & their parents…”

My “Why…”

I will allow my words in January to speak for themselves. This is my “Why…” Video: Article(s):Pandemic Learning Story: Stacey Whomsley | Independent Women’s Forum ( Pennsylvania students are suffering from the state’s ‘epic fail’ on pandemic schooling | Washington Examiner