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You’re Invited!

To every general board meeting. To every Committee Meeting. In fact, there is an Education Committee this upcoming Monday, November 8th at 6:30pm at the Spellman Building. Our victory this week (pending final vote certification) is just the start, and I need YOU. I need each and every one of you to stay engaged, keepContinue reading “You’re Invited!”

Does Politics Belong In Our Public School District?

I say no. Anita Edgarian says no. And Ada Nestor says no. Yet former Superintendent Dr. Scanlon himself used his official capacity as Superintendent to express political beliefs, as a Superintendent, in a communication to his entire administration and the current board of directors. Please read this for yourself and answer the following questions: IsContinue reading “Does Politics Belong In Our Public School District?”

Sexually Explicit Books Do Not Belong in Our Public Schools

Obviously there is a firestorm of attention on this right now, locally and nationally. Some recent coverage of this week’s events captures what is at the heart of this issue – sexually explicit material, regardless of it’s nature, does not belong in our public schools. Some of my opponents have unofficially issued a “mea culpa”Continue reading “Sexually Explicit Books Do Not Belong in Our Public Schools”


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Hi, I’m Stacey Whomsley and a current candidate for WCASD School Director in Region 3 serving Chester & Delaware county in East Bradford, Thornbury, West Goshen and Westtown townships. Thank you for coming to check out my site & blog…if you have any questions please use the Contact Us tab to submit a message.

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