The children of Chester County…in their own words & their parents…

This is an eleven minute video we compiled last Fall to help illustrate the struggles we were experiencing in our homes. While I make no claim this is the story of every student, this was certainly the story of my owns kids as they are included in the video. The opening scene if my youngest,Continue reading “The children of Chester County…in their own words & their parents…”

WCASD School Board Votes: COVID Safety? Or Self-Preservation?

Over the past year I have heard a lot of reasons for kids to be in school. For kids to not be in school. For School Directors to vote against in person education. For School Directors to vote for in person education. While there are many opinions, there is only one truth. And the truthContinue reading “WCASD School Board Votes: COVID Safety? Or Self-Preservation?”

You must be 18 by or on May 18th to Vote!

Are you a high school student? Do you have a 17 year old student at home? Will you or they be 18 by or on May 18th? If so, then make sure they go register to vote in this May 18th primary! Per PA Title 25 regarding Elections, any resident who turns 18 by orContinue reading “You must be 18 by or on May 18th to Vote!”

Keeping Kids In School…

Nothing has been more hotly debated this year than the “should they” or “shouldn’t they” of sending kids to school for in person instruction. Let me be 100% clear on my position on this…children of all ages should always have an OPTION for in person instruction. As they should also have an OPTION for remoteContinue reading “Keeping Kids In School…”


As a trained scientist, and engineer, we are taught that opposites attract. Positive electrons attract negative electrons. And that objects of the same polarity will repel. But life experience has also shown me that positivity begets more positivity. When I underwent a prophylactic double mastectomy four years ago I faced it with some fear &Continue reading “Positivity…”

My “Why…”

I will allow my words in January to speak for themselves. This is my “Why…” Video: Article(s):Pandemic Learning Story: Stacey Whomsley | Independent Women’s Forum ( Pennsylvania students are suffering from the state’s ‘epic fail’ on pandemic schooling | Washington Examiner

Educational & Emotional Impacts of Remote Learning

Last fall I was blessed to meet a community of parents who felt a commitment to advocacy for the choice of in person public education not only for their own school-age children, but for all the students in our district, county, and state. While we amassed a large online following for this movement, there isContinue reading “Educational & Emotional Impacts of Remote Learning”

Educational Freedom

“Educational pluralism—a school system in which the government funds and regulates, but does not necessarily provide, public education—is the democratic norm around the world. The list of educationally plural systems is long, and it includes the United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Belgium, Denmark, Indonesia, Israel, Sweden, and France.” Source: Manhattan Institute, The Case for Educational Pluralism in theContinue reading “Educational Freedom”