You’re Invited!

To every general board meeting. To every Committee Meeting. In fact, there is an Education Committee this upcoming Monday, November 8th at 6:30pm at the Spellman Building. Our victory this week (pending final vote certification) is just the start, and I need YOU. I need each and every one of you to stay engaged, keep listening, and continuing to participate in the process.

Because we have done something special here and it’s just the beginning.

I also want to take a moment to say thank you – to every single person – who came out to vote. Local elections are the most important, so no matter who you voted for on Tuesday, THANK YOU! I also want to share my profound gratitude to every single parent, grandparent, and community member who stepped forward to help us on election day. It was tough conditions, and tough competition, but you made me all incredibly proud.

I had an opportunity on Wednesday to be interviewed by Dawn Stensland, who had graciously had me on her show just a week earlier. I continue to be honored by the outpouring of support, and hope that we take this momentum and carry the WCASD forward in to the future. Here is my interview with Dawn:

The Dawn Stensland Show – Wednesday, November 5th – Stacey Whomsley

Also on air with Dawn, was Clarice Schillinger, founder of the Keeping Kids in School PAC. Clarice is a fellow mom who became activated to help parents across the state of PA to run for School Director. I can’t say it better than Clarice, so I will let her speak for herself:

The Dawn Stensland Show – Wednesday, November 5th – Clarice Schillinger

What Clarice has done is incredible and deserves acknowledgement – because she worked tirelessly to help lift us all up and support all of our efforts – all the while still taking care of her family.

And a final thank you to Students First WC for getting organized to help a couple of moms who were just doing what they felt was right – to put our students first – and the politics aside. I cannot wait to see what comes next for the West Chester Area School District, and I hope you stay tuned in and stay engaged!

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