Does Politics Belong In Our Public School District?

I say no. Anita Edgarian says no. And Ada Nestor says no.

Yet former Superintendent Dr. Scanlon himself used his official capacity as Superintendent to express political beliefs, as a Superintendent, in a communication to his entire administration and the current board of directors.

Please read this for yourself and answer the following questions:

  • Is transparency omitting parent comments from the January Board Meeting? Or again August?
  • Is transparency censoring parent comments based on the FALSE claim they exceeded two minutes?
  • Is transparency refusing to answer basic questions and redirecting all inquiries to the Right to Know process?
  • Is open discussion telling parents they cannot ask questions – and expect to be answered – at public board meetings?
  • Is a parent – a mandated reporter – bringing attention to the possibility of sexually explicit material in our public schools a “minority of negative voices”?

I have one more question for you…

If you were me – or Ada – and this email was sent while three of our children were still enrolled in the West Chester Area School District, would you feel safe sending them?

Would you believe they would not suffer discrimination, or bullying, as a result of this?

Would you worry that after months of harassment by current employees of the district, that there would be repercussions for our kids?

The answer for me is that I did not feel safe continuing to have my remaining child enrolled, a fact that I publicly shared at the August board meeting. I have been fully transparent since the day I announced my campaign. I encourage everyone to do the research and know the facts.

The fact is I was a vocal parent who felt schools should have been the last to close and the first to reopen. I worked with a large community of parents to advocate for that in positive and constructive ways – sharing our stories with the board, working with parents across Chester County, connecting the district & the CCHD with child development experts who were desperately concerned for our children and the negative impacts of remote learning.

And the proof is in the academic performance data we received from the district.

So when my oldest child suffered a medical consequence – a concussion – on their watch, on school property and then needed in person the most, why did the district refuse him in person education for 38 days? Until we had no other choice but to pull him and send him to a private school for 5 days of in person learning. 38 days and more than 30 emails of asking, providing medical documentation, respectfully negotiating, to reach a reasonable solution that would allow my child access to his public education. All why the CCIU assigned therapist assessed that remote learning was causing harm to that same child due to his other medical issues.

They ignored a child in crisis. And they are ignoring us.

Make your voice heard on November 2nd, and vote for representation of the community and not the PSEA. Because that is who our opponents represent.

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