The Home Stretch and a Conversation with Dawn Stensland

Good morning! Last night’s storms have passed and this morning holds lot of energy and excitement as we wind our way down to Tuesday, November 2nd, and head to the polls!

I know this may seem like the home stretch, and in terms of campaigns it is, but what happens on Tuesday is just the beginning. The beginning of a new chapter for the West Chester Area School District and I look forward to see what comes as we turn the page on this election cycle.

I had the pleasure – truly the honor – to be invited by Dawn Stensland to her radio program on TALK RADIO 1210 WPHT – PODCASTS – THE DAWN STENSLAND SHOW. Yesterday we were able to connect and talk about my experiences as a mom, a community member, and most recently as a candidate for School Board.

The Dawn Stensland Show – 1210 WPHT – A Mom’s Run for School Board

I hope you can give a listen and hear more about what got me involved, why I decided to take this risk and run for School Director, and what I hope we can accomplish moving forward.

It all started with the kids, the students, and it will always be about putting them first. It truly is that simple. Make sure to get out and VOTE on Tuesday, November 2nd, because every election matters!

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