Sexually Explicit Books Do Not Belong in Our Public Schools

Obviously there is a firestorm of attention on this right now, locally and nationally. Some recent coverage of this week’s events captures what is at the heart of this issue – sexually explicit material, regardless of it’s nature, does not belong in our public schools.

Some of my opponents have unofficially issued a “mea culpa” claiming to take this seriously, despite dismissing the original Parent concerns. Some of my opponents have misappropriated this as a discrimination or censorship issue, and have tried to make it an attack on our LGBTQ+ community.

To show you how untrue the latter is, here is another example of inappropriate material currently in our West Chester Area School District libraries. It’s cisgender. And heterosexual.

Do you think this is something our children should have access to?


If you agree this is not appropriate for our children, and a misuse of our trust and our tax dollars, make sure to vote on Tuesday, November 2nd.

Because there are only two options in Region 3 who believe that our School Board should be doing more to protect our children, and respect our Parents when they raise these concerns.

VOTE Stacey Whomsley and WRITE-IN Anita Edgarian for your Region 3 WCASD School Directors. And make our schools safe again.

Stott Safety Procedures - Stott Elementary

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