Who Really Hijacked Monday’s Board Meeting?

As I am sure many of you have heard the meeting itself was abruptly stopped during a public comment that included materials presented to the School Board from a book that contained highly graphic and sexually explicit content.

The parent had a legitimate concern and instead of hearing him out, they once again cut off the microphone. Took a 15 minute recess, and then returned with a statement that the book was:

“That book is not in our district.

That book is not in a district in our county.

That book is not in a district in our state.”

Chris McCune – Current President of the WCASD School Board

So why then, today, was I able to do an online search of all three of our High Schools and find the book in question – Gender Queer – in stock at Rustin and East HS. Along with volumes of the recently infamous book “All Boys Aren’t Blue” both of which are so sexually explicit I won’t even include the pictures from the books here. But a quick Google search or Amazon search, or trip to your local library, you can read it for yourself.

Or why would Dr. Sokolowski then call the courageous parent who innocently asked about this book – truly, he was only aware of it being on a recommended reading list and was horrified to find it available in our high schools – and inform him that he had gone to each library and pulled the volume of the book he asked about from the shelves?

Meanwhile, “All Boys Aren’t Blue” is still available in paperback or audio book. And the only way to officially get these removed from our public school buildings, is to fill out a form. My question for everyone is – how did it get in our schools without any of us signing a permission slip for them to offer pornographic material to our students?

This system is backwards. This system is broken. And it’s time we change it.

Because while myself and the other parents have bravely stepped forward to question these materials we have either been ignored by our current board, silenced by our current board, or attacked by other candidates running for school board. Because for a group of people who claim to be protecting diversity, equity and inclusion they have worked very hard to shame and silence us.

We can no longer afford to have community representation that refuses to do the proper due diligence – in this case the board should have confirmed before making an official statement on the record – or have representatives who shout at a constituent, a grandmother of WCASD students no less, and lecture them about what they can and cannot ask of the School Board. That same candidate has proceeded to call parents and community members racists and other derogatory names in an effort to discredit our concern for our children. Because it doesn’t matter what the gender or sexual identity is of the book – it is graphically sexually explicit – and shouldn’t we all be able to agree that we shouldn’t be offering that to our children? Because the law says that it is illegal to offer pornography to minors.

And to further clarify how inaccurate the board’s response was – not only is the book in our school district, it is also in Downingtown Area School District and others across PA.

It really makes you wonder, are they this out of touch? Or are they working hard to protect the agenda of the PSEA? Why have our schools misappropriated the terms diversity, equity, and inclusion and weaponized them to make themselves and their actions beyond reproach?

Make sure you vote on Tuesday, November 2nd, and vote for School Directors who will work with you to make sure our students get a first class public education, and not political indoctrination.

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