Parent Rights: PSBA Withdraws from NSBA

There has probably never been an election cycle more full of emotion and energy than this election cycle for School Director, and I say that in reference to the entire country and not just our local race.

While many times emotions or politics have run over, and boundaries crossed, the most egregious example of this was the recent action by the National School Board Association (NSBA) to appeal to the US Attorney General with a letter labeling parents as “domestic terrorists”. Just this week our state organization – the Pennsylvania School Board Association (PSBA) – issued statements disavowing the actions of the NSBA (link here) and officially withdrew from the organization (link here).

This is a victory. And it’s important because we – through the WCASD – fund the PSBA, and by associated the NSBA. I applaud the PSBA for taking a stand that all parents matter, that all voices matter, and to put action behind that sentiment.

But has the problem been solved? And can it be solved?

I find solace in voices like Maud Maron who recently penned an article on “Common Sense with Bari Weiss” asking the question “Why Are Moms Like Me Being Called Domestic Terrorists?“. So why are moms like me, standing our ground and holding our boundaries, being called names like “domestic terrorist”, or the more frequent “bully”.

The simple answer is politics. And the irony is, the post of School Director is not political. In fact, it is one of only two posts on this election cycle that are considered non-political and therefore allow candidates to register on both ballots in the primary.

Why is School Director not a political post? Because it is not supposed to be about politics, yet so many candidates and their supporters are focused on nothing but politics. I’m not here for the politics. I’m here for the students. And the parents who reach out daily. And for the teachers who have reached out, afraid for their jobs but also afraid of what they see happening.

You will not find a candidate more transparent, more candid, or more dedicated to restoring balance to our School Board than me. Because no parent should be ignored, or told they don’t matter because they chose to homeschool their child during the pandemic, or labeled a bully for standing up and speaking up. No teacher should feel threatened because they dissent from the politics of the Pennsylvania State Education Association (PSEA) and its local affiliate.

And no child should be subject to a political agenda as a substitute for the public education afforded them by the Pennsylvania state constitution.

Conflict is bound to occur, and when it does holding the line on a boundary is necessary. That does not make one a bully to protect those boundaries, especially when individuals try to assert their politics with harsh words or derogatory comments. I am proud to be an endorsed candidate by organizations who identify as bipartisan, non-partisan, and even partisan. Because balance is important and that does not require us candidates to be agnostic of political belief, but it does require us to leave our politics at home.

There has never been an election more important than our General Election on November 2nd, 2021. If you haven’t already registered you have one more day to do it online at PA Online Voter Registration.

One thought on “Parent Rights: PSBA Withdraws from NSBA

  1. My husband and I are glad to support Stacey. We have met with her to evaluate her views and values. We are confident that she will execute these duties to meet the best interests of the students.


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