Philadelphia Inquirer: CHOP’s beds are overflowing, but not because of COVID-19

If you read nothing else this week, this month, or this year…. READ THIS!

“What we are seeing is definitely unprecedented,” said Ron Keren, CHOP’s chief medical officer. “We didn’t expect how bad it was going to be.”

How could this be? Parents – including myself – have been saying this for months. How could health professionals be so short-sided in terms of anticipating what the collateral damage would be of long term isolation and distancing?

The surge is clearly traceable to the pandemic. Children who were hunkered down in relatively aseptic conditions — away from school and friends, donning masks to go out in public — didn’t get seasonal sicknesses last year, but they also didn’t build immunity to those viruses.

Philadelphia Inquirer: CHOP’s beds are overflowing, but not because of COVID-19

So after you read this article, I’m curious. How do you feel about universal mask mandates now? Do you still think parents should be stripped of their rights to make medical decisions for their children? If an institute like CHOP could get this so wrong, should our schools be making medical policy for our children?

The harm my own child has suffered is enough to convince me that the answer is no. Publics schools need to get out of the health policy game and focus on their purpose, education.

How many more children need to suffer developmental delays, or worse – a mental health crisis or RSV – before we stop accepting mandates that are doing more harm than good?

“There’s this concept of an ‘immunity debt,’” Keren said. “Kids haven’t been exposed to these viruses for going on two years, so they are vulnerable. It makes it easier for the virus to spread quicker.”

Ron Keren, CHOP’s chief medical officer

The time has come for children to return to a normal public education environment.

Make sure your voice is heard on November 2nd and vote for School Directors who respect families, students, and teachers by allowing them to make informed medical choices.

Region 1: Ada Nestor / Region 3: Stacey Whomsley / Region 3 Write-in: Anita Edgarian

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