Public Comments DENIED

Typically non-agenda comments are allowed at the end of the session.

So far in the past 6 months I have witnessed the committees attempt to skip public comment, allow non-agenda comments, and now refuse to allow public comment.

What are the rules exactly? The rule is our feedback is not welcome by the 8 elected board members present and our new Superintendent.

In the past week I have heard from countless families struggling to navigate the district mandated mask “exception” process. That process was approved at the 8/16 Education Committee and therefore included in tonight’s agenda as the very first item listed is “Approval of the Education Committee Meeting Minutes – August 16, 2021”.

Here is the public statement I was prohibited from making:

“If you can’t breathe, you can’t function.”

And here is how tonight went down:


One thought on “Public Comments DENIED

  1. Stacey, thank you for continuing to point out the absolute horror show that is the WCASD school board. It starts at the top and unfortunately seems to trickle down throughout. I hope and pray the new blood in November will reverse the course of this so misguided group.

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