Dr. Ghauri: Pennsbury Parent, Double Board Certified Physician Speaks About Masks

I will let Dr. Ghauri speak for herself…

In contrast to Dr. Ghauri, this is what our Vice Chair, Sue Tiernan, refers to as the “science” to justify her support of the revised Health & Safety plan that – as currently written – will require masks all year. Except for a few weeks in July. Maybe.

My immediate take away from that article? How dare Sue equate parents who want “choice” with the broad brush stroke of being “anti-mask”. My question for Sue is – are you “anti-parent”? And “anti-guardian”? And “anti-emancipated minor”? If that is an uncomfortable characterization then maybe it is time for change. Because that is the mindset of our second-in-command today for the WCASD School Board.

If you take the time to watch the video, your homework assignment is to research “aerosols” versus “droplets” and then ask yourself why are we not allowing parents, guardians, and emancipated minors to make informed decisions for themselves about a mask that works only for the latter and not the former.

Then ask yourselves, why do we “trust” everyone to self-screen for signs or symptoms of COVID (or really any illness) but don’t “trust” people to wear masks if that is what is an appropriate layer of mitigation for them?

Given a choice between Ms. Tiernan’s research and the words of a double-board certified physician? I’m inclined to think Dr. Ghauri has it right, and that we should allow our parents, guardians and emancipated minors to make an informed decision without interference and judgement from our school board.

If you agree then make sure when you cast your ballot on November 2nd, that you pick a School Director who respects parents, guardians, and emancipated minors. Because there are only two of us in this race right now…

Left: Stacey Whomsley – Region 3 Candidate for WCASD School Director
Right: Ada Nestor – Region 1 Candidate for WCASD School Director

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