WCASD BREAKING NEWS: Masks REQUIRED Starting Monday, August 16th

What exactly happened in the past 24 hours we may never know – at least not without a Right to Know request – but this is what we do know…

  • Friday, August 6th, the WCASD School Board postponed the public meetings scheduled for Monday, August 9th, for the Education & Pupil Services committees until Monday, August 16th. This was our only chance for public comment.
  • Tuesday, August 10th, employees of the WCASD were notified that masks would be required for K-12 students and staff regardless of vaccination status – this is what is known as a UNIVERSAL MASK MANDATE.

So now the question is when did this decision get made? And how? Because if it was in a private executive session that should have been disclosed to the public that the session was occurring. And if – IF – because they have not disclosed how this decision was made…how many times is this current board going to violate the Sunshine Act, and therefore our liberties as parents, guardians and community members, before we say enough is enough?


For more information on Chester County, and our current transmission levels (Moderate as of 8/6), please check out the resources below.


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