Parent rights… Student rights… Community rights… and how my opponents feel about them?

I want to start this post first by saying that when I started my advocacy last summer, it has always been with the inclusion of ALL students and their needs. Focusing on inclusion of options for all students, not the forced submission of those who needed in person education to accept remote learning even when it was obviously failing them.

Fast forward a year or so later, and we have since created a movement of engagement that is so amazing that I want to take a moment to applaud each and every one of you who have participated in our “brick & mortar” Facebook group, attended our rallies, signed our petition (over 600 signatures!) to ask the CCHD to revise their guidance to 3′ feet minimum / 6′ preferred (not required), the attendees of all the board meetings, our campaign volunteers, and especially to everyone who came out to vote on May 18th.

Just like voting is a right, so is advocacy in our community… a right for every parent, student, or community member to not only attend our WCASD board & committee meetings but to also participate through respectful public comment. Apparently not all school director candidates are created equal and one of my opponents has publicly posted a call for attendees because “Often the only people who attend are angry or have a specific personal issue with their child’s school, and that can give the appearance that our whole community shares their values. We should strive to have a diversity of voices at our meeting to ensure that those who shout the loudest (and are often the least well informed) don’t control the agenda.”

All because she equates those who question the role of Critical Race Theory in public education as being “anti-equity”.

My own 11 year old son has spoken – very respectfully – at board meetings, so I find a sentiment like the one expressed above to be more of the same mindset as what we have on the board today. A mindset that wants quiet applause, to be beyond reproach, and to never be questioned. To equate parents who speak up as “bullies”. To minimize the experience of students. And to silence our community.

Ironically my public comment at the last school board meeting – which this opponent was not in attendance at in person – was a call for positivity. If you happen to have missed it, it was included in my blog post titled “School Is Out for Summer” and includes a link to the replay from the meeting.

Here we are just four short weeks later and faced with the same rhetoric – that parents or students who speak up are angry, self-serving, and ill-informed. Is that what we need more of on our school board? Because if you want school directors who will truly engage in respectful dialogue – by the way, that does not require you to agree with each other – then please consider myself as your Region 3 School Director, and if you are in Region 1 please consider Ada Nestor. We are parents who care, and parents who feel – like religion does not exists in our public schools – that politics and personal agendas do not belong there either.

So if you happen to be around tonight and need something to do at 7pm? Please come join us at the Spellman building (782 Springdale Drive, Exton, PA 19341) or watch online at the WCASD YouTube channel!

I leave you with this parting thought from Mr. Robert Woodson, founder of the Woodson Center and the 1776 Unites movement…

There is nothing more injurious to a people than conveying the notion that they don’t have control over their own destiny, that somehow white America determines your future.

Mr. Robert Woodson

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