Thank you everyone for being patient these past few weeks as we all took time to rest and recharge after a busy primary campaign season. To think this all started at the end of January with declaring my candidacy and then ended with a solid victory on May 18th…it has definitely taken me some time to digest all that we have experienced in that time, and to fully process the overwhelming show of support in the primary results.

I am grateful every day for those of you who showed up to exercise your right to vote – regardless of who you voted for – because what matters to me most at the end of the day is a FAIR and DEMOCRATIC process. One without bias, or interference, and one that reflects the wishes of our constituents. It is clear from the turn out that voters are listening and making informed decisions as we continue to grow our base of support between now and the general election in November.

Between the end of school flurry and the start of summer hustle, I have had a lot of opportunities to be immersed in our community and hearing from all of you. It has been incredibly insightful, and validating, and I want you to know that my (proverbial) door is open any time for you. Have a question or a concern? Send me an email, give me a call, or shoot me a text! Being a candidate is not just about me telling you what my vision is for our school district, it’s equally – if not more importantly – you telling me about what is important to all of you! So please…do not hesitate to reach out…it doesn’t matter if your kids are grown, or you send them to private school…every voter matters and I want to hear from you.

Before I sign off for today…I want to leave you with the following statement as it pertains to one of the most asked questions during the primary as it relates to curriculum and the subject of social justice, race, and equity:

I believe in diversity, inclusion, and equal opportunity for students of all races, religions, genders, and socio-economic status.  As a School Board candidate, I recognize that discrimination based on race, religion, gender, and socio-economic status does exist and may occur in our schools.  I am committed to ensuring that all of our students have an equal opportunity to succeed academically, socially, and emotionally.  I am committed to supporting ideas, training, and curriculum that teach and foster respect, tolerance, and understanding of differences. However, any curriculum or training that promotes a divisive school community based on race, gender, religion, or socio-economic status has no place in our schools.  We cannot promote equality for all by creating hierarchies or denigrating groups of students based on their race or background. As a School Board candidate, I am fully committed to bringing our community together, not creating further divides. I support a philosophy of humanity, compassion, and empathy that values all people – and children – based on the content of their character, as the civil rights leader Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. espoused so wisely.

This is a commitment that I, and each of the candidates endorsed by the Keeping Kids in School PAC, have made as we reflect a group of bi-partisan parents and community members who have taken the step forward to be a part of the solution. I feel strongly about this as I have previously taken a pledge of positivity in my campaign, and recently asked the same of our WCASD School Directors, Administration, Teachers and community as a whole as it relates to their actions online or in person.

To quote Mr. Robert Woodson, founder of the Woodson Center and the 1776 Unites movement…

“Freedom, even in a democracy, requires a level of civility and intergroup respect that must undergird the right to vote.” 

-Robert Woodson


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