By the incredible show of support this past Tuesday as we hit the polls to make our collective voices heard! And boy oh boy…the voters definitely showed up!

It gives me great joy to say that pending a final confirmation (as Chester County experienced some hiccups with the ballot count) it appears that we have a sufficient enough lead to ensure my name will be on this November’s ballot to be considered for WCASD School Director in Region 3. I am still pinching myself as the competition was fierce with five candidates each bringing a different perspective to the table.

First and foremost…a huge thank you to each and every volunteer starting with those who gave of themselves on primary day. I truly believe you made the biggest difference by showing up, and speaking up for what you believe is best for our kids and our community. Each and every one of one are an incredible advocate for the students of the West Chester Area School District, and I was truly honored to have you volunteer for me (and Ada) on Tuesday. Your willingness to stand with us was a game changer, and your texts and emails of encouragement fuel for our fire.

And to those who have publicly endorsed or supported us, we could not have done this without you…

To the Chester County Republican Committees of East Bradford, Thornbury, Westtown, and West Goshen Townships…thank you for the endorsement of support, the help getting out my palm cards, and for welcoming me at each polling location on Tuesday.

To the Keeping Kids in School PAC…thank you for the endorsement of support, the amazing candidate training to help us “newbies” navigate the election process, the incredible headshots, and for all of the faith & support through what proved to be a turbulent primary season.

To the Chester County Coalition of Republican Women…thank you for the endorsement and for representing the importance of a female voice in our community.

To the PA Common Sense Coalition…thank you for the endorsement of support and for fighting for small businesses across Pennsylvania!

And to Kathy Barnett for US Senate…thank you for the recognition of mine & Ada’s campaigns. We are in awe of fellow female candidates and you are a true role model of grace, strength, and perseverance. We were honored to meet you in person and will be pulling for you as you make your bid for the US Senate!

Second…to my family who have endured so much these last few months. Starting the year with the passing of my mom, there was hardly enough time to catch our breath before the election season began. To have my husband, sons, and father by my side and at the polls Tuesday was a gift and I could not have gotten this far without your support!

Third…to those who voted for me. THANK YOU! I am humbled by your willingness to stand alongside me as we fight for transparency, true equity, and fiscal responsibility in our district. I firmly believe that every parent deserves to be heard, and to have so many parents and residents stand up and make sure their vote was counted to help make that happen? Well, humbled is not even a strong enough word. I am truly honored by your vote of confidence and know that we are just getting started.

Fourth…to everyone who came out to vote. THANK YOU! Every election matters, ever election plants the seeds for the next harvest. Regardless of who you support, I sincerely appreciate you taking the time to participate in our democratic process!

So rest up everyone. Enjoy the victory, but start mentally preparing yourself to keep going. This primary is only base camp, we still have a ways to the summit and we will not stop until we get there!


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