The blessing of being Seen and Heard…

I’ve talked often during my campaign about the impacts of remote learning on women, and how it has put working mothers behind the equity curve even further than before. One of the greatest gifts during this campaign has been the network of parents I have met through my affiliation with the Keeping Kids in School PAC, founded by a working mother, Clarice Shillinger, impacted by remote learning.

To read more about Clarice, her amazing story of advocacy, and how the Keeping Kids in School PAC is a force of nature here in Pennsylvania please check out this article from the Delaware Valley Journal:

“Never underestimate the power of a determined group of moms.”

Reading this article this morning gave me goosebumps to learn all that Clarice has accomplished with a vision and a fierce determination. I already felt blessed, and then this happened:

The same evening I had the pleasure of hearing Robert Woodson speak, I also heard a arm-hair-raising call to action by Pennsylvania’s own Kathy Barnette who is running for the U.S. Senate.

Today Kathy announced support for School Directors across Pennsylvania who she believes best represent our children, the students, who are the ones we are truly accountable to as School Directors. As a mother, veteran, author, and political commentator, Kathy has accumulated invaluable life experience that I am in awe of and inspired by her call to serve her nation & her community.

To have the chance to even speak with these incredible women has been a pinch-me-life experience, but to be recognized by both of them for my candidacy as a School Director in the West Chester Area School District in Region 3? Let’s just say I’m not sure I want to wake up from this dream. This journey has only just started and I pledge to continue to advocate for the children of our district…

Only one day left before you get to vote for me – Stacey Whomsley, WCASD School Director Region 3 – and my fellow warrior mom – Ada Nestor, WCASD School Director in Region 1.

Left – Stacey Whomsley / Right – Ada Nestor

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