Just four more days until we plant the seeds for the next four years!

Last week when I had the chance to hear Mr. Robert Woodson speak, I was incredibly moved by how he spoke of needing to plant the seeds before you try to harvest the crop.

This may seem obvious but his point was that in today’s society, too often we are looking only at the harvest…the quick wins… and not doing the preparation – such as planting the seeds – to make sure there is something to harvest. This primary may seem like a harvest but it is really the planting of the seeds. The harvest will not come until November when we vote in the general election. Now is when we plant the seeds that we hope to harvest in November.

So as you reflect on your mail-in ballot, or over the sample ballot you may have received at home, please take the time to research each and every candidate. Take stock of who has taken the time to put themselves out for public scrutiny and question. Who has invested the time to knock doors, make phone calls, attend public events, and answer your emails. Who has asked for fairness and who has spoken of their opponents record with clarity and fact, rather than rumor or speculation.

Myself and Ada and have invested a great amount of time, energy and our own money into this endeavor. We are blessed with incredible volunteers and mounting supporting from our community, but at the end of the day we are the ones asking for the opportunity to serve our district and our community. We do this as mothers who have seen our kids struggle, along with others, and we do not dismiss those who have done just fine these past twelve months. But we know from the academic data that we have both shared that the majority of kids were not OK, and were impacted by remote learning.

That is not something we overcome in one summer, or likely even one year. And as we face continued uncertainty with new variants and ever changing rules, it is important to us that we have School Directors who make safe access to in person education the most important priority. That removing access to in person education is the last resort and not the first shortcut.

So when you think about which oval to fill out for this Tuesday, please give it great care and think about what you would want for your own child, grandchild, niece, nephew, or for the children in your community. Because there are only two candidates who have committed wholeheartedly to keeping kids in school…

Please vote Stacey Whomsley for WCASD School Director in Region 3, and Ada Nestor for WCASD School Director in Region 1. Thank you for your consideration and for being a part of our local election process this Tuesday, May 18th!

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