Untruths and Misinformation

My opponents are sharing information about me that is simply untrue. I took a pledge of positivity for this campaign so I will not lower myself to their level and instead, I will share the truth. I have not sued the West Chester Area School District or any other agency, as a single plaintiff or as part of a group.  You can check every court document in the state and at the federal level. You will quickly see that this information is false.  Second, I have not submitted a single Right to Know request to the District, County, or State.  Anyone that claims otherwise is intentionally sharing incorrect information. A good question for them would be why?

Here is what I have done.  I spent thousands of hours preparing a Charter School application for students and parents who wanted a full 5 day in-person education. This was not just any charter school, it was a specific micro-school model that is akin to the “one room schoolhouses” of years past. And very similar to the learning pods that were formed across our district during full virtual and hybrid learning. West Chester Area School District denied that application claiming many issue or concerns were unaddressed from the original hearing despite my submission of 45 additional comments or documents to supplement the original 36 page application and 3 hour hearing.

I worked tirelessly to reopen schools including appealing to the Chester County Health Department to change their guidance from 6 feet to 3 feet, and we got that accomplished. Without the advocacy of myself and dozens of others, WCASD would not have reopened for 5 days this year. Without our advocacy, you children would still be at home on zoom either full time or on hybrid. WCASD had no plan to return to full time in person instruction for the rest of the 2020-2021 school year. The only reason that schools reopened was due to our advocacy and the spotlight we shined on our academic crisis as a result of remote learning. 

And if you think this battle is over, you are sadly mistaken.  We have large numbers of students sitting at home on zoom right now as a result of overly restrictive quarantine rules.  We asked the District to consider alternative quarantine rules similar to what Bucks and Lancaster county employ, and our District’s response was simply that we do not reside in those counties. They refuse to look at the data to see that transmission is not occurring at school, and the quarantined students are not contracting or spreading the virus. And they refuse to publish our own district data on in school transmission without a Right to Know request.

So if there are rising requests, and rising costs, it is time to start asking WCASD why they are intentionally denying access to information they are legally required to share? And why are they putting every Right to Know request through the expensive legal review process even when the request is not sensitive? When you take stock of cause and effect it all begins and ends with decisions made by WCASD. What happens in between is what we, as parents, are obligated to do and that is stand up for our children and advocate for what is in their best interest without shame or name calling by any member of our WCASD community.

This battle is not over.  We need to fight to keep our kids in school, not just now, but also in the Fall.  Do not become complacent or lulled into thinking that this fight is over. It is not over and if we stop fighting, our kids will continue being over quarantined, and normalcy will never be returned to our classrooms. 

If you want your children to remain in school 5 full days and not be subject to these excessive quarantine rules, please vote for me on May 18th to end this treatment of our children. If you have specific questions, do not hesitate to private message me, and I will answer any and all questions. Thank you for your support of our children. 

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