You must be 18 by or on May 18th to Vote!

Are you a high school student? Do you have a 17 year old student at home? Will you or they be 18 by or on May 18th?

If so, then make sure they go register to vote in this May 18th primary! Per PA Title 25 regarding Elections, any resident who turns 18 by or on the day of an election and has been a resident of the US & PA for at least 30 days prior to the election is eligible to vote.

What better way to ensure the youth in our community understand the value of their voice and their vote, than to help them participate in this local election. There is so much at stake both for Pennsylvania, and for our local officials. So if you or someone you know have an 18th birthday between now and May 18th then please share this post with them and make sure they head over to PA’s online voter services before May 3rd, which is the cutoff date for registration. But remember…they do NOT have to be 18 by May 3rd. They only have to be 18 by or on May 18th!

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