Keeping Kids In School…

Nothing has been more hotly debated this year than the “should they” or “shouldn’t they” of sending kids to school for in person instruction.

Let me be 100% clear on my position on this…children of all ages should always have an OPTION for in person instruction. As they should also have an OPTION for remote learning if that is the right choice for them and their family. My commitment to this reflected in the endorsement of me as School Director by the bi-partisan Keeping Kids in School PAC.

To better understand where I stand in comparison to my opponents please feel free to check out the Vote USA website where you can compare local candidates, including those of us running in WCASD Region 3.

Don’t see answers from a candidate? Let them know that they too can fill out this website to make it as easy as 1-2-3 to see how we compare on vision and values for our community.

It’s easy to forget the challenges of the last 13 months with so many of our brick & mortar schools reopening their doors for 5 days in person. But we cannot forget. While none of us would wish to repeat this experience the fact is we cannot assume that we will not ever see these events repeat themselves.

Governor Wolf has already begun to talk of the fall “wave” and how the variants will possibly impact our states ability to maintain the opening of business of schools. So there is no time more critical than right now…

May 18th we decide as voters whether or not to vote in School Directors who will commit to keeping schools open SAFELY, versus those who not only would close them indefinitely but those who kept them closed indefinitely. Yes, our WCASD schools did eventually open but keep in mind I have been advocating for this since July of 2020 and firmly believe we should have opened in August of 2020 when our community numbers were less than half of the levels they were at when we finally reopened in March 2021.

I believe in science. I believe in safety. And I believe that the first thing we need to protect in our community are our youth and their access to the free & public education that is afforded to them via our PA State Constitution. That is not a privilege. That is a right, and one that we need leaders who will do everything to protect it, our children, and our teachers.

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