Do your research!

I know, it sounds so simple. But too often it’s a step we skip…truly learning about the person we are going to entrust with our vote. In recent years there seems to be a pattern of not necessarily voting FOR a candidate, but rather voting for someone because they are NOT someone you object to. This is not the same as actually believing in a candidate and as voters we can all do better.

Yes, the reality is there are often too few choices and write-in can seem like a throw away vote. So I consider it a blessing that in this upcoming May 2021 primary we have so many options for WCASD School Director in Region 3. There are currently five candidates running for two seats – this means when you get your ballot in May you get to select two names.

For Democratic voters you will see 5 names on the ballot, and for Republican voters you will see 4 names on the ballot (one candidate did not cross-file). What is cross-file? Well the position of School Director is one of only two public offices considered to be non-political and therefore candidates are allowed to petition to be on both ballots regardless of their own party designation. This is always why all five candidates are likely to either knock on your door, call you, or send you information on their campaign.

In the meantime, there are some things you can do to learn about each of us…look for us on Facebook where four of us have candidate pages, you can search for candidate websites such as this, or you can dig a little deeper and do some web searches to learn more about us as private citizens.

For those interested in learning more about me, here are Google links for me as Stacey Whomsley and Stacey Miller Whomsley.

The first search will bring up a lot of my activities the past year as a community advocate for the importance of education choice – and protecting access to in person education. I am incredibly proud of my involvement in our grass roots effort to ensure that we provide all the families of the greater West Chester Area School District with access to their choice of education whether that be in person or cyber. Through this effort I also met incredible parents from across the state of Pennsylvania, and the US, who shared their experiences and ideas with us. It was the ultimate collaboration and my life is forever changed by the friendships made during the journey.

The second search will bring up more personal information, including links to memorial information for my mom who we lost to metastatic breast cancer in January after an inspiring five year battle with the disease. If you dig a little further you will learn that this was not our first experience with cancer, and actually my mom’s third battle. Her and I are carriers of the BRCA2 genetic defect for breast & ovarian cancer and we are proud to have been featured on my employer’s public website as part of 365 campaign to share employee stories about how we are touched by the work we do.

I hope if you take nothing else away from your research it’s that I have incredible passion for what I believe in. I am direct and transparent and while that may seem too good to be true, I welcome you to ask around to those who know me personally. Not just on social media. But live and in the flesh. They are the ones who know my history, the challenges in my life, and understand that there is literally nothing I will not do for my children, my family, and my friends.

Perseverance is one of my greatest attributes, I truly see the possible in the impossible and find satisfaction in finding a way forward when others believe there is no way. I think this will serve me well as School Director as we continue to face more challenges & obstacles due to legislation, and other outside factors including our recent pandemic. Yes, sometimes you have to wait out the storm…but when you do, you always make sure to be prepared to do so and to get back outside when it ends.

WCASD has so much untapped potential…and I would be honored to have the opportunity as your Region 3 School Director to help us find the way to unleash it.

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